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2017-10-18 RB Leipzig vs Porto 9900 1.82 Total Goals @ OVER 2.5 $18,018.00
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Astana vs M Tel Aviv Never ....eeeeeveeerr play suck licks which big sponsor is the sharkpool 2017-10-19 23:45:38
Astana vs M Tel Aviv 2-0 ler. Win big. HT over 1 @ 2.1 2017-10-19 23:44:44
Astana vs M Tel Aviv Not boring. Both team whack like no tomorrow. HT over 0.5 @1.5 take $$$$ 2017-10-19 23:41:20
Vancouver W vs Columbus Crew Muather fuacker t-chan-ni na bu last minute goal....cheeby 2017-09-17 10:32:35
Chicago Fire vs DC United Muthur fuacker nikolic cheeby last minute goal for fuack 2017-09-17 10:28:27
Japan vs Australia Cheeby pakkar seeby kangaroo .fast fast goal lar 2017-08-31 19:17:11
Japan vs Australia Penalties , own goals whatever lah...make at at least 3goals hor 2017-08-31 18:40:39
Vegalta Sendai vs Kashima Antlers Cheebai super kelong 2017-08-30 19:21:31
Vegalta Sendai vs Kashima Antlers Kacheeba Atlas fast fast goal and win lar....all ht 00 kelong till fuk extreme 2017-08-30 19:14:11
RB Leipzig vs Freiburg Lupzig fregbird 2 more goalZzz lar ranchao 2017-08-27 22:01:21